Why you should be using promotional products

It seems these days everybody and their dog is trying to promote themselves and their business by using promotional products, more often than not emblazoned with their companies branding, colours and sometimes even contact details. They are cheap and very memorable to the person who receives it. This is why most large companies have an active range of promotional and branded merchandise that they distribute at events and sales pitches. They also can be a very cheap and affordable way to boost your exposure if bought in bulk. Regardless, they are a great tool for driving sales and to assist with whatever other marketing you use in combination with this. So let’s look at some of the biggest draws for businesses to invest in promotional products.

Building your brands awareness

Every time somebody looks at or uses your company’s, merchandise, they will be confronted with your company’s name and logo. This will help reinforce your business in their mind and what you do, this is what people mean when they talk about “brand awareness”. And maybe just by them or somebody else seeing that piece of merchandise, the next time they need your service or products they will remember that pen or t-shirt that they have and that the company who gave it to them can fulfill that need. The latest research actually suggests that 66% of consumers who receive some kind of promotional product can remember the company and what they do for up to 12 months, if that doesn’t appeal to you we don’t know what will.

Improve how people perceive your company

The perception of your company and what you stand for is very important and influences peoples buying habits massively. Take the scandal surrounding McDonald’s for example, 5 years on you still meet people who will not eat there because of it.  Everybody loves something for free and giving away useful free products is a great way to improve whatever image people had of you and your company previously.  In fact, in one survey, 56 of people said that their impression and perception of a company would be improved by receiving a promo gift.

Increase referrals and leads

If you are really creative about what kinds of products you invest in you can turn customers into promoters. For example, someone wearing a branded t-shirt will in effect turn the person wearing it into a walking billboard for your business. All that for the cost of a $6.99 t-shirt is pretty good right?



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