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Top 5 Tips for a Low Maintenance Garden​

Want an amazing garden but too busy or lazy to take care of it? There is solution for you! A beautiful garden doesn’t have to be high maintenance, and not necessarily require lots of time and effort, as long as you apply those tips I provide below. However, don’t think you can just sit back for 6 months and do nothing and expect your garden to stay that great—that is impossible. If you would like the pleasure of a perfect garden, you need to at least invest in some effort, not only in the beginning when you create it but also in the long run you should look after it. Low maintenance garden doesn’t mean zero maintenance garden. Read on to find out top 5 tips for a low maintenance garden.

1. The Right Plant in the Right Spot

You won’t need to put so much more effort into taking care of the plants after you designate them a right home. It is a good idea to learn where you should put a plant before you buy it. One thing you should keep in mind that don’t select the plants that overgrow your space. Some plants spread rampantly, while others only form little clumps and stay put. Some plants love sunshine, while other prefer stay in shady areas with high moisture content.

2. Plan Your Layout

Garden-LayoutOnce you buy the plants you like, plan your layout. Mark down the areas that get lots of water, sun or in shades. After you have planned it out, don’t just put the plants into the soil yet. You can leave them in the pots for a few days and look at how the garden turns out, and see if you like it. This allows you chances to change if you want, and you won’t hurt the root of the plant when you get it out the soil.

3. Mulch

Mulch is something you must use if you want a low maintenance garden. It prevents weeds from growing and helps to retain the moisture in the soil and block the sunlight to the soil.

4. Artificial Grass

GrassWe have talked about plants, what about green grass area? A beautiful garden without a lawn is a house without roof. Artificial grass is getting more and more recognized and popular these days as it has a number of advantages of low maintenance. It doesn’t require the time and effort of watering and weeding and fertilizing, but also helps to cut costs of these things you have to spend if you apply real grass. An artificial turf supplier is easy to find in the market. Another solution for a low maintenance garden is to use groundcovers. Groundcovers requires the least maintenance and are able to endure high traffic over time.

5. Choose Sturdy Plants

If the plants in your garden are sturdy and healthy plants, the maintenance required will be significantly decreased. Sturdy plants don’t need regular care like fast-spreading and invasive perennials.


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