Things to look for in your wedding DJ

It’s often quite an overlooked thing however it has to be said that across most cultures and major religions in the world, a wedding isn’t really considered a wedding without some music and dancing. So getting that organized to relive the stress and indeed the uncontrolled emotion of the ceremony and speeches from various different family and friends, by putting on some great music and inviting people down to kick off proceedings by watching the bride and grooms first dance. However it’s highly advisable that you find somebody professional to handle this requirement for you and most people turn to the services of for hire DJ in their area.

The reason you will want to leave it to a professional is because as well as having all of the other stresses and strains of the day resting on your shoulders, the last thing you want you or your guests to be worrying about is how the music will be paid. However those who have never hired a DJ may not know exactly what to look for in terms of specifics, so let’s take a look at a few top tips on getting the best DJ hire in your area.


There are a lot of different kinds of DJ’s and it being such a young and ever evolving and changing industry there are a lot of inexperience semi-amateur DJ’s out there who mainly play in bars and clubs to a very specific audience or to a specific genre. And while they may be able to piece together a playlist that could, match your wedding, to get the best possible service and skill you want to find a DJ who has previous experience in handling large events or even better, specifically weddings.

This is due to the fact that there are quite a lot of nuances to a wedding, such as playing songs requested by the bride and groom, how to fill in the gaps where nothing was requested and matching that to the audience at large. In reality they aren’t being hired for their musical tastes and mixing abilities  as a lot of DJ’s in clubs are, they are being hired because they know how to cater for ;large and diverse audiences within the confines of an event, where the sole objective is too not only play music and get people dancing (although that is about 80%) the other 20% is in the planning and execution of the music as well as the ability to MC (Master of Ceremonies) the event and call attention to different things that may be about to happen.


As with a lot of services whose market is the weddings and events industry, you may find that the closer you get to your intended date for the wedding that the best of these services will become pre booked and possibly unable to attend and provide your wedding with what they offer. Well DJ’s are no exception and in fact this applies more too them as many event DJ’s also work as club and even radio DJ’s and they are twice or three times likely to be unavailable the later that you choose to leave booking them. So really to avoid disappointment ant one of the biggest days of your life, make sure you start looking at least a month prior to the wedding itself.


Style of music

Obviously as with anything musical, DJ’ing is a creative art and subsequently, no two DJ’s musical tastes and abilities are exactly the same. In fact many DJ’s often pride themselves in their commitment to one kind of music that they specialize in. However, you have to remember that as much as you might love Hip-Hop, the wedding itself is just as much for your guests as it is you and you want to ensure that all of your family and friends are catered for and able to dance.

If your DJ is only focused on one kind of music then that makes this a moot point, as some people either don’t like or don’t know how to dance to some music’s, particularly the older people who will often be the most excited for the wedding. So make sure your DJ is aware that he has to play a mixed bunch of music of different paces, like slow romantic songs to dance with another too, or fast and energetic songs for people to really get down to.

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