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Why Spring is a Great Time for a Pool Renovation

Is your swimming pool looking a little drab at the moment? Perhaps it’s had a good life and seen plenty of usage over the years, but does that mean that it’s time to hang up the proverbial hat? Is it time for your pool to throw in the towel and fall into disrepair, only to never be used? Absolutely not! Instead, you should invest in a swimming pool renovation and bring it back to life, and there’s never a better time than right now, in Spring.

First of all, we’ll take you through why we think Spring is the perfect time for a pool renovation, then we’ll go through a few tell-tale signs that you definitely need one. So, if you tick off any of the boxes below, then contact your local pool renovations company and get yourself booked in immediately.

So, why is Spring the best time for a pool renovation?

Well, first and foremost: Spring is about re-birth! It’s when new leaves flourish on the trees and the birds & the bees are out in full force. It’s a beautiful and refreshing time of year when we know that summer is right around the corner! What better a time to give your pool a new lease of life so that you can have it BBQ-party ready in time for the summer? Do we need to give you any more reason than that? Let’s keep it simple and assume that we’re right.

Is your pool in need of a renovation?

1 – It’s stained and dirty

If you’re swimming pool is looking stained, dirty and discoloured, then it’s definitely time for you to invest in a renovation or resurfacing at the very least. These unsightly stains can come from the minerals, chemicals or other materials in the water such as leaves and natural debris.

2 – The material is coming off

Is your swimming pool starting to peel around the edges? Perhaps it feels like sandpaper whenever your swim and brush your hand along the wall. If that’s the case, then you need to have your swimming pool resurfaced!

Whilst there are many factors that can lead this problem, the outcome is very much the same. Such factors include:

  • Years of heavy use
  • Unbalanced pH levels
  • Sudden damage (caused by fooling around in the pool with props that shouldn’t be in there, i.e., a bicycle)

In any case, resurfacing the pool can have it restored to its former glory in no time.

3 – Your pool is leaking

Cracks in your swimming pool can lead to leaking, which will invariably affect your water levels—and of course struggling to maintain the correct water levels will only lead to one thing: higher water bills. It’s a nightmare that nobody should have to contend with. So, if you’re spotted cracks and chips in the lining of your swimming pool, then you know what to do!

4 – Because you want to update your pool!

Whether you really need to update your pool or not, if you want to update it and you’re ready for a new look, then there’s no time like the present. Call West Coast Pool Resurfacing, and book yourself in for a renovation. Treat your swimming pool to a little love and TLC and give it that wow factor that you’ve been waiting for. With Summer just around the corner, Spring is the perfect time to breath a new air of life into the pool!

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