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How to select a Fit-Out partner

Want to makeover an old dull office space with an office fit out? If so, you better choose a good one. Clearly selecting the right fit out partner is absolutely crucial. Getting your office fit out wrong could lead to disaster. You could easily wind up with poor design solution with no thought for expansion or future alteration. There could be delays in completion, budget overruns, and total disruption to your day-to-day business. However, if you choose the right fit out partner, the project will:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase profits
  • Enhance your corporate image
  • Increase the chances of attracting and retaining personnel

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You should therefore take this election process very seriously. So how to choose the right fit-out partner for your needs? In this article will highlight some of the keys things to look for when choosing from office fit out companies.

Things to look for when selecting an Office Fit Out partner:

  • Exceptional Staff – They should have all the key disciplines in house such as workplace consultancy design, IT, project management construction, furniture supply and funding, as well as post contract support in facilities management. Also be sure to consider how well the relationship will work between your fit out partner and your in house teams as they will be working closely together over the subsequent weeks and months.
  • Verifiable Experience – Next, analyze their track record and performance, look for their experience in your particular type of business and study their technical skills and knowledge for your project. If your project is unusually big or small for them, can they easily service your project from where they are based? Also ask yourself these questions…

o   Have they managed projects of a similar size?

o   Do they have a solid track record in your sector?

o   Will they arrange site visits for you to see:

-One of their finished projects?

-Projects they have in progress?

o   How long have they been in business?

o   Do they have case studies for you to read?

o   Is the company part of a nationally recognized organization?

  • Dedication to following through – Most importantly do they seem like they really want your project? You need to know that they’ll be committed and they’ll do whatever it takes to deliver it on time and on budget. The implications of your chosen fit out partner not completing the project on time or at all could be substantial, so check them out absolutely thoroughly. Satisfy yourself as to their financial stability, their health and safety record, and if they have suitable insurance coverage to survive in the frequently turbulent commercial property sector.

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When choosing an office fit-out company, it’s important to be able to judge both the core strengths of the business and to develop a long standing partnership that builds flexibility into the design of the workplace to meet the ongoing challenges faced by the organization. Good office interior design is more than skin deep. The essential is often invisible to the eye. Both the office fit-out company and your team should have a shared understanding of the complexities of workplace design and management; understand product life cycle issues, legislation, change management, the environment and so on. It is essential not only to understand how each element of office interiors function but how they all fit together.

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