Professional Resume Writing – Secure Your Dream Job


OK, so perhaps having a professionally written resume isn’t going to get you your dream job in an instant, but it will certainly put you on the right path. The trouble is that the field of recruitment is forever chopping and changing and if you want to find a job sharpish and gain the competitive edge, then you’re going to need all the help you can get.

resumeWhether you’ve just left school and you’re looking for a part-time job for the summer; you’ve finished university and are now in need of a job in your desired field; or you’ve lost your job for whatever reason and are desperate to pick up anything at this stage so long as it pays the bills , – a professionally written resume might just be the way forward!

Consider this: when was the last time you produced a resume? Do you have any clue what recruiters are actually looking for these days? Do you know, with confidence whether or not your CV is in the current format? Is your resume stuffed with useless, overly-embellished nonsense? Or is it a trim, well-presented, formally structured and incredibly thought-out document that answers every question an employer is asking quickly and efficiently? Perhaps – perhaps not.

professional writerWith Bluegum Resumes, you can invest in a professionally written resume that is designed to stand out from the crowd and secure you an interview at the very least. A resume is about getting your foot in the door and when so many people throw their CV’s through the door, you can imagine how competitive it is to get the job you want. You have to be extra special, and perhaps you are, but right now your resume does not reflect that.

It’s not necessarily the most reasonable of systems, because you might be dyslexic or struggle terribly with writing and so you’re already at a disadvantage. But, does that mean that you’re not the perfect candidate for the position in question? Perhaps you have a wealth of other qualities which make you just the person for the job, however without a bit of help on your resume you wouldn’t even get a second look. That’s not because employers are heartless monsters who want nothing short of perfection; it’s because they’re looking for people who can play by the rules but are also prepared to adapt and overcome in order to get ahead of the game. They want people who are independent and can thrive in any situation, which is exactly what you need to prove to them. So, if you aren’t the best writer, then have a professional help you. You can give them the general gist of who you are and what you do and then they can handle the rest, – Following that it’s up to you to sell yourself in the interview!

professionalMany people look at hiring professional resume writers to help as ‘cheating’, which is quite simply not the case. It’s not cheating, it’s clever thinking which is exactly what you’re going to be required to do when you’re pursuing your career. You’re going to need to rely on others for their services to get ahead, just as other people are going to rely on you for your strengths. So, are you a winner?