Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Event Staff 

Events are big business, there can be no denying this.  The amount of money, time and organisation that goes into staging events of any scale will surprise most people, especially considering that events are just about always run with the intention of making a profit one way or another.  For the people organising the event, there a great many obstacles to overcome just to get the doors open, from booking talent, acts or businesses to fill the event through to ensuring that all of the health and safety requirements are met and visitors and participants alike can enjoy their time there in safety.  One of the things that can really cause a headache is the hiring of temporary staff, purely for the event being planned.

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This is necessary as most organising companies and hosting venues will not have the requisite staff on their regular payroll as it would be hugely cost ineffective to do so when they are only required at certain times and days that cannot really be planned in advance.  This leaves organisers with two options, either employ a professional company such as First Class Crew to fully staff your event with their vetted and trusted personnel, or attempt to hire your own temporary staff on fixed term contracts.  If you choose to hire your own staff, there a couple of important pitfalls you need to avoid.

Think about your brand image

Any event staff you hire are going to be customer facing, and as such you need to ensure that those filling these rolls are an accurate representation of the brand image your company has.  It’s all very well hiring someone for some discernible talents, but if their appearance or personality do not match with the image you wish to portray, then it might not be the best decision to hire them.

event controlConsider what your event actually needs

It can be easy to get distracted by a certain category of staff when planning events.  For example, if you are staging a flower show, it is unlikely that you are going to require copious amounts of security personnel.  Understanding what kind of staff are actually required and ensuring you hire a good mix is vital to correctly staffing and event.

Think as a team

Even if the hiring is the responsibility of one individual (which it really shouldn’t be), there is no need to go it alone.  Make sure that you ask other members of your team for their input and perspectives.  There is a reason teamwork is so highly valued on the job market and you should make the best use of yours to work together and ensure that the temporary staffing team you assemble is the right one for your event.

Don’t delay

People often underestimate how long and drawn out the recruitment process can be, even for simple and short term roles.  Don’t put off hiring your core temporary staff, you can always add more later.  But it is essential to get that team in place as soon as possible to ensure that you can include them in training and preparation as is necessary.

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