Why Internal Packaging Matters, Even In Extreme Cases 

aluminium case

Posting a package to someone can be a bit of a chore, you have to find a box, wrap the item, seal it up, address it, carry it to the courier, etc.  It can all feel like a lot of effort.  But if you are going to all the trouble of posting something, then you surely want it to arrive safely and in perfect condition; after all, there would be little point in sending something if you intended it to be broken upon arrival.  One of the biggest factors in the safe transport of a packages’ contents, aside from the container itself, is the materials and method used to pack the container the item is travelling in.

Strength is the key

Making sure that the container your items are travelling in is strong is an obvious thing that many people still get wrong.  Just because a box is big enough to contain your item, does not mean that it is the best choice for shipping it in.  A shipping box should be strong enough to take a significant impact without losing its shape, this could mean that it has structural reinforcements in the corners, that the sides are rigid or that it is made of an all round sturdy material.

Space is the enemy

Loose space inside a packing container is one of the worst offenders when it comes to in transit breakages.  No matter how carefully the people handling your packages are with them, they will still be shaken and thrown around by the vehicles and other factors whilst they are in transit.  As such, having empty space inside your container simply provides more opportunity for the items to move around and potentially break.  This is true no matter what type of container you are using, even the most extreme examples on the market, such as Pelican Flight Cases from Aerolyte, would have this same issue.  This is why you always see them filled with foam or dividers to prevent their, often highly valuable, contents from moving around.

aluminium case

If it’s worth sending, it’s worth sending properly

Every item inside your packaging container should be wrapped to provide it some basic protection.  This should then complimented by having it at a fixed location within the container because there is no extra internal space for it to move into.  Placing this inside a sturdy box will give your item(s) a very good amount of protection, but nothing is ever certain, especially within international shipping.  As such, if your item is of great value, in any way, then it is worth investing in a more bespoke travel option for it.  Flight and travel cases are a very good solution to transporting anything that needs the utmost protection.  If you buy the right cases, like Pelican cases for example, then they are virtually indestructible, affording your precious cargo the best chance at reaching its destination safely.