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The Importance of Working with Certified Arborists


Working with Certified Arborists

Anyone can cut down a tree with the right tools, but to do so in a safe and controlled manner with the appropriate equipment requires a certain level of skill and experience that comes with being a certified arborist.

If you have a tree on your property that needs tending to, whether it be pruning, canopy shaping, or removing all together, then you should find a certified arborist to assist you. Why? Read on to find out the importance of doing such.

An arborist understands the many species of tree

There’s so much more to arborism than simply gutting and removing trees. A certified arborist will be able to identify a tree species and anticipate its needs. You may consider a tree to be beyond saving, whereas a certified arborist may in many cases be able to issue the appropriate treatment and prevent a tree from dying.

In addition to that, a certified arborist will be able to identify which tree species are on the protected list and which aren’t. Thus, if you were to want a tree removing, you could end up doing so with a protected tree and incurring hefty fines from your local council. It’s always worth seeking specialist advice.

They can fell a tree safely

There is a certain knack to felling a tree without causing any injury or damage to property. Especially if you have a tree that is dangerously close to your house, you’ll want a licenced and certified arborist who can fell a tree and essentially ‘thread the needle’, without damaging your property.

An added bonus is that if in the highly unlikely event that damage is caused, a certified arborist will have all of the relevant insurance so that you will be protected financially. A cash-in-hand gig with somebody that you found on Facebook on the other hand, will not.

Effective stump removal and tree disposal

What happens when a tree has been felled on your property? Do you know how to dispose of a tree safely and legally? Have you given much thought to the great big stump that will be left afterwards? Fortunately, a certified arborist will not only be able to remove the felled tree safely and legally, but they can clear the stump as well. This is using state-of-the-art stump grinding machinery that not any Tom, Dick or Harry will have. Additionally, a reputable arborist will help with the clean-up as well, leaving your property as spotless as they found it.

Unparalleled professionalism

The fact is, tree felling, lopping, and all other related tasks, are very dangerous. They shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you work with a certified arborist, you will be working with a highly professional individual or company with a wealth of experience carrying out these dangerous tasks. If you want it done properly, safely, and effectively, then you must find a certified company like AB Trees.

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