How to immortalize a loved one’s memory using memorials

When somebody in your life dies, it can be a difficult thing to have to deal with, without going into too much detail, it can be hard knowing that you will never see them again (how long for is dependent on your beliefs). But regardless of what you believe happens after we leave this mortal coil, it can’t be denied that human psychology benefits from processing these emotions in a healthy way and one of the ways we do that in western society is too have a funeral and have a memorial installed, either at the gravesite or somewhere else, and we will be discussing the kinds of memorials you can have erected away from gravesite.

Tree Memorials

These kinds of memorials are seen everywhere and are a particularly touching tribute to someone who meant a great deal to you while they were alive. Most of these kinds of memorials involve having a sapling planted into the ground and after being allowed to establish itself and grow slightly it will then have a kind of plaque added to the bottom. Normally with your loved one’s name, date of birth and the date on which they died. This is ideal for a person who loved their gardens or nature in general. You can also feel comfort in knowing that in some way your loved one’s memory has given life to an otherwise ordinary tree.

Online Memorials

With the advent of the internet and things turning from analogue to digital, it only makes sense that people will leave their respects and pay tribute to their fallen loved ones on the web. And a new in-trend thing to do is set up a memorial page for those who were friends or family to the deceased. There are a number of advantages to this such as its impact on the environment is practically non-existent. There is also the aspect of being able to leave a unique and personalized eulogy for the deceased and make your words part of the overall memorial. They also stand the test of time and provided that the appropriate hosting fees are paid with the web design company then the page will last indefinitely, with no weathering or maintenance required however many older or traditional people could possibly be disappointed with not having a physical place to visit and pay their respects.

Whatever you decide to do to honour your fallen loved one it’s important that you consult all of the most important and relevant people involved in the procedure and come to a clear consensus on what you want to do as a group. Failure to do this can lead to more stress and issues between grieving relatives.

If you need more information about this tender subject contact a reliable stonemason, they can give you more expert advise

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