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How to Properly Prune a Tree

Tree care is a continual process of helping your trees to be as healthy as possible whilst removing dangerous elements caused through excess growth or damage. Alongside this, it can become necessary to stop them encroaching onto other people’s property or blocking pathways and growing up into power cables. Whatever the reasoning for needing to properly prune your trees are you sure you know exactly how to go about it? It should not be a case of just chopping off sections without properly considering the implications as you could do lasting damage to the trees or put yourself in danger. Let’s review a few pieces of advice regarding tree pruning.

When to Prune

As stated, it can become necessary to prune a tree as it is growing out of control and causing problems to the public, yourself or your neighbours. In addition to this, trees can become dangerous if not adequately maintained. Falling branches could potentially fall on someone’s head or even your property or car. Any such things will possibly cause injuries as well as financial costs. Other reasons to prune are to maintain the health of a tree. Disease within a tree can quickly spread and so dead or unhealthy branches need to be removed as soon as possible to minimise the spread. Another reason for pruning is simply to make a tree look its best. Shaping them properly will ensure your garden looks as good as it can. Why would you spend time on the rest of the plants and flowers but neglect your trees. Aesthetics are important, so look after your trees in the same way as the rest of your vegetation.

How Much to Prune

Simply put, you want to prune your trees as little as possible. Pruning can make trees susceptible to disease and insects and weaken the overall structural integrity of them. Make sure to never remove more than a quarter of the crown and that 2/3rds of the height of the tree is made up by living branches. Obviously, a tree needs its branches and accompanying leaves to live so if you over prune you will be damaging its potential to feed itself. Remember that pruning is only partly for aesthetics and if you focus only on this you can expect your trees to die prematurely.

How to Prune

Firstly prune the branches which look dead or are damaged. This will help the nutrients within a tree to only be going to the healthier branches rather than supporting the ones which are of little use to it. Next, remove branches in areas where there are too many. Branches which cross prevent light and air reaching them and so it is healthier for the tree to have fewer which can grow better. Remove any branches which are growing inwards as these are of little use to a tree and cause clutter and areas for fungus to grow. Lastly, remove the desired sections of branches to help to shape the tree. Remember not to tackle any branches which are too big or high for yourself. Qualified tree pruning professionals have the necessary equipment and experience to deal with the harder jobs so don’t put yourself at risk, at any point, because it’s simply not worth it.

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