How to Pamper Yourself

It is very easy to lose “ourselves” in this fast moving world where we have loads of responsibilities, obligations and tight schedules. Throughout out all life stages, we were attending school and studying fulltime since little till our adult time. Then we have to face this competitive world and try to score ourselves a fulltime job, and then it is time to wake up early with a responsibility to perform your job well and right. We are forever fighting, aren’t we? But that is the meaning of life, we are here to live, which includes joy and struggle. Therefore, learning how to pamper yourself is extremely important. It can make you feel good about yourself, and there are a number of mental health benefits associated with pampering yourself. Yes, let’s face it, pampering yourself would definitely cost extra cash from your paycheck, but the effects of improvement of happiness and mental health are definitely worth those extra bucks. It helps you become more content and satisfied about yourself and your life by pampering yourself every now and then, especially when life gets crazy.

1. Take a Long Bath or a Spa

spaIf you have a bath at home, allow some time with yourself one evening and take a nice and hot, long bath. A hot bath is one of the best ways to get you in relaxation mode. While indulge yourself in a hot bath a whole night (better with a glass of wine!), you get to meditate, which relaxes your mind and body. Or you can splurge on a spa day on the weekend, a spa will definitely help you relax and feel good and re-energized.

2. Give Yourself a Makeover

For most people, when you look good, you feel good. If you have been in a bit of a rut for a while now, time to get yourself a makeover. Head to local barber’s to get a haircut that you have hesitated for a while, or head to department store makeup counter to get a makeup makeover. Those 2 things does more than just making you look good—it also helps you feel great about yourself and boost your confidence. Pay attention to the hair and makeup techniques that professionals use, and you can apply them at home with ease.

3. Treat Yourself a Holiday

holidayIt doesn’t have to be a holiday of 1 week or 2 when you don’t have time, but definitely you can treat yourself with a weekend getaway. It doesn’t have to be “another city” trip, you can also simply book a night or two in a hotel in your city and enjoy room service, in-room massage and the hotel pool. Sometimes different surroundings do help you get out of your daily routine and relax and feel good. Of course, you can take a wine tasting trip to a beautiful wine yard with luxury accommodation.

4. Buy Yourself a Treat

Are you a foodie? If you are, treat yourself with a nice Sunday brunch buffet or a nice dinner night out with brilliant service and luxurious surroundings. There is nothing wrong to reward yourself with a treat for your hard work. If you are a sweets or dessert lover, don’t beat yourself up for eating your favorite chocolate muss cake. You are here to live and enjoy, not here to be a perfection. When life give you lemon, go get yourself salt and tequila.



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