Eco-Friendly Tips for Camping: As if it Could Get Any Greener  

That’s right, you can’t really get much greener than camping. However, there are more eco-friendly ways to do it that’s for sure. Here’s one right off the bat: buy a recycled poly mat for camping. See? It’s easy when you know how. So, if you’re interested in going even greener with your next camping trip, then read on for some extra eco-friendly tips!

1 – Make your own meals and snacks

When camping, you should be mindful of the amount of food you waste. Make a meal plan for the week and take the supplies that you’re going to need. You can save money as well, by stocking up on some cheap ingredients and then enjoy a healthy camp-fire meal. Sure, it will require more effort on your part; but the flavour alone will be worth it.

camping2 – Go organic

Whilst we’re on the subject of cooking your own camp-fire meals and bringing your own ingredients; go organic whilst you’re at it. Traditional agricultural methods use herbicides and pesticides which are harmful for the environment. A little contradictory if you’re trying to enjoy nature whilst indulging on some non-organic food, don’t ya think?

3 – Borrow what you can and buy the rest used or recycled

You’d be surprised by how much camping equipment you’ll be able to borrow off friends. All you need to do is reach out on Facebook and we guarantee you’ll get a fairly good response. And whatever you can’t seem to get hold off, buy used. Or again, buy a recycled poly mat for camping. There are loads of reputable supplies which provide eco-friendly camping equipment. Do your research, shop around and you’ll be certain to find some awesome, affordable camping bits!

4 – Introduce a ‘clean-up competition’

When it comes to camping, you can pretty much make a game up out of anything! So, when you’re out and about with your friends, family and children; introduce a clean-up competition. (i.e., whoever collects the most trash by the end of the trail gets to choose which board game you play later etc) It’s a great way to create a little healthy competition amongst your fellow campers, and to encourage your children to take an interest in preserving their natural environment.

camping car5 – Opt for solar powered equipment where possible

There are plenty of eco-friendly, solar powered camping items on the market. Rather than having to worry about stocking up on batteries, you can allow your equipment to charge in the sun, whilst you enjoy a little sunbathing yourself. Two-birds, one stone and all that! (please don’t throw stones at any birds)

6 – Leave without a trace!

When it comes to packing up to leave, make sure that you leave without a trace. Don’t leave any garbage whatsoever. Don’t burn any of your trash either. Plastic bottles and aluminium cans will release a load of unnecessary pollutants. Try to reduce your overall impact and leave the space in the same condition that you left it in.

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