3 Microsoft programs that are essential for your career

If there’s one thing that’s certain in the modern tech industry it’s that it is an ever-changing and rapidly developing market with seemingly endless different kinds and types of software coming out, some completely new ideas and some being reworks of existing programs and concepts. Read More

Different lenses and what they are used for


Every single person on the planet has a completely unique eyeball, in exactly the same way that everybody has a unique fingerprint your eyes are not even remotely like another person’s in the world, well on a microscopic level anyway and as such everybody has different levels of vision that require a unique strength and prescription of glasses in order to correct them should you have poorer vision than average.  Read More

Why a good vehicle wrap is important for your branding

Over the years, millions and millions of dollars have been pumped into research around people’s buying habits and the way that companies are perceived through things like their advertising and marketing efforts and the result that has come to light have been surprising, to say the least. Read More

How to immortalize a loved one’s memory using memorials

When somebody in your life dies, it can be a difficult thing to have to deal with, without going into too much detail, it can be hard knowing that you will never see them again (how long for is dependent on your beliefs). Read More

Why you should be using promotional products

It seems these days everybody and their dog is trying to promote themselves and their business by using promotional products, more often than not emblazoned with their companies branding, colours and sometimes even contact details. They are cheap and very memorable to the person who receives it. Read More

What to look for in a Tax accountant

Anyone who hates math will dread the end of the financial year. Boiling down a years’ worth of financial gains (and losses) and making all the information relevant, readable and compliant with local tax laws can be a difficult task for the layman. Read More

How a promotional agency can assist your business

Promoting your business should really be one of the things at the forefront of your businesses collective mindset. This is how you effectively grow and sustain a business and many a good idea throughout the history of business has been thwarted by lack of effective promotion and marketing. Read More

skip bin

7 Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Put on Your Skip

You’ve got a huge home project ahead of you with tonnes of rubbish and refuse to haul out of your house. First things first you’re going to need a skip! The size of which really depends on how big a job you’re taking on. Be certain to plan for this with careful consideration as there is a limit to how much you can put in your skip. In addition to that, there are certain things that you should not put in a skip, which we will explore shortly. Read More

How to choose the right 4×4

When it comes to choosing a 4×4 it all comes down to what you need it for, are you going to be using this for recreation or a more practical application? Off-road focused or more of an all-rounder? How many people do you need it to seat at a maximum? Read More

How to host an unforgettable high tea


High Tea, a quaint British tradition in which all attending would bring cakes, sandwiches, fruits and other delectable treats around a single venue, only to present them beautifully and serve to their neighbors and friends. This simple act of sharing food and the British water (tea!) would ultimately bring whole communities together in solidarity. Read More