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Sharing These 7 Tips to a Beautiful Garden

Garden is a place that brings relaxation and joy. Both creating a beautiful garden and looking after it are like a part-time fulfilling and pleasuring job on the side. People have a common misconception that amazing and beautiful garden costs tons of time to create and maintain, however it is not usually the case. A beautiful garden doesn’t have to be costly, either high maintenance. Here I have 6 tips for creating a great garden.

1. Right Plants in the Right Spot

PlantThe first rule in the garden is working in harmony. Plants are the happiest in their right spots, and they won’t need much attention and maintenance. It is a good idea to learn about the plants when buying them. The questions you should ask include is it a light-preferred plant? Is it a shade-preferred plant? Does it usually need lots of water? Find out the answers to these questions and look around your garden. Divide the areas and designate the right areas for the right plants.

2. Plan Ahead

A beautiful garden doesn’t just come out of nowhere. It is a result of good planning. You should have a plan for your garden renovation project on paper. Good gardeners make their mistakes on paper, not on the ground, which saves you both time and money in the process.

3. Consider Maintenance Carefully

There is no garden that needs no maintenance. When creating a garden, you should determine the maintenance based on your availabilities. Are you a young family that work all day? Or are you a retired family that has plenty of free time? If you spend the majority of time at work every day, time-consuming plants are not recommended.

4. Choose Your Turf Wisely

There must be areas where you don’t grow plants. For those areas, you can choose groundcover or turf. If you would like your garden to be low maintenance, you might want to use groundcover in most area, or turf that requires low maintenance. There is a variety of turf in the market for different needs. Turf that can endure high traffic, turf that has high shade tolerance, turf that doesn’t need mowing much, and so on. It is not difficult to find a turf supplier with extensive turf supplies that offers a comprehensive range of turf for your specific need.

5. Keep it Simple

Sometimes “the more the better” is not always the right thing. Do you have many types of plants and flowers that you want to bring home into your own garden? Urge yourself to stop doing that. A garden that includes everything will look chaotic and unplanned. A sense of harmony and unity is something you should aim for when creating a beautiful garden.

6. Think Vertical

Home-GardenBe creative and your plants don’t have to be planted horizontally! Using different height will add a sense of creativity, and that will make your garden look more innovative.

7. Use a Scent

Who doesn’t like a beautiful scent? A beautiful scent makes people feel good about something. When your garden smells good, it feels good. Include scented plants when buying plants if possible.

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