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6 tips to create a Beautiful Garden

Not all of us who live in a busy city get to have the space for a backyard oasis or a beautiful garden. Usually when living in a condo in a big city, the property developer has already had it all built, and you would have an apartment with a gym, swimming pool and a garden ready to move in. of course that is for city dweller. Some people who prefer a dose of peace like spending time gardening and creating an amazing garden with their own hands. If you are one of those people, you have come to the right blog post. Creating an amazing garden of your dream takes thinking, planning, patience and hard-work. However 6 tips for creating a beautiful garden are provided in the post, read on.

1. Re-think Before Releasing House Plants into Your Garden

home-gardenIf you move from your apartment to your first home and can’t wait to plant all your pot plants into the wild, don’t it just yet! You probably have had a cute little ficus tree forever, and it hasn’t really changed much since the day you took it home. If you plant it into your garden, it will become a monster. Its roots will grow and expand so substantially that it might crack your home’s foundation. if you really want to plant it out in the soil, you will have to put in extra work—install a root barrier, and trim it regularly to avoid cracking driveways, sidewalks and patios.

2. Think About Your Plants’ New Home

If you are going to move your pot plants from your apartment to a backyard garden, you need to introduce them to it slowly. To avoid the shock, a plant that has been living inside where there was not much sunshine should be introduced to the sunshine and put outside a few hours a day to start with, then slowly easing into a full day.

3. Make Sure There is Enough Space

Each plant takes room for roots to grow. Big plants take more room than smalls ones, so it is very important that you should do some research how big grow, and how much space it needs.

4. Let There Be Light and Shade

home-gardenThe exposure varies for each plants, therefore it is important to research what sort of exposure your plants need. You don’t want to plant a Mexican Sage which needs lots of sunshine in a shady corner.

5. Don’t Plant Everything

You have it doesn’t mean you have to plant it. If you plant everything you have or can think of, your backyard garden is going to a messy mixture of everything.

6. Test the Plant Layout

How do you test the plant layout? You can leave the plants in the dirt before you actually plant them. Leave them there for a day or 2 and take a little walk around the garden. This will help you see if you really like your layout and understand the idea of how the plants are responding to the environment. I have one suggestion, put plants in groups and use rock retaining walls to frame them. That is a tip for a beautiful garden.



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