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6 Tips for a Better TV Antenna Reception

Along with the booming growth of YOUTUBE, it has become a fact that many people are now using their laptop to stream TV shows. You must be like “I don’t like watching TV shows and movies on a small screen, I prefer a bigger TV screen.” Well, there are HDMI cables that connect your laptop to a TV bigger screen, and then you can freely enjoy all sorts of videos online that you don’t get from a TV antenna on a screen as big as you would like. However, that is what relatively young people do when it comes to watching TV shows and movies, most of us who are comparatively older still prefer watching TV with an antenna.

Are you struggling to get a better signal with your indoor antenna? We understand that not everyone are allowed to have their TV antenna installation done on their roof but your antenna reception doesn’t have to be terrible. There are actually a number of things you can do to improve the signal even if it is an indoor antenna. Read on to find out.

1. Face It to the Right Direction

AntennaThere is a transmitter tower in every area, and facing your antenna to the station will help boost the reception. To find out where the TV signals is coming from in your area, use Station Finder with your zip code or address. If your antenna is currently attached to the wall away from the transmitter tower, move it closer to the station tower and face it to the direction of the tower.

2. Hang It on a Window

Another practice that you can undertake is to use a longer cable and reach your antenna to a window. Even though, technically speaking, longer cable would decrease the level of signal that gets to your TV in the end, it could be worth it if you can hang it on a window.

3. Lay it Flat Horizontally

You might not buy that laying your antenna flat horizontally will improve the reception. But trust me, it works for me and many other people told me so as well. You can try it out and see if it works for me, I mean there is no harm trying it.

4. Move it higher

AntennaThe higher you place your antenna, the better reception you get. The signal can be boosted for another 50% if you simply move it from the 1st to the 2nd floor.

5. Move it outside

The difference between an indoor antenna and an outdoor antenna is amazing. Anywhere outside is often better than inside, as there are obstacles that get in the way and reduce the signal. Same goes with tall trees and buildings around your home, the reception is usually not as good as in a place where there is not tall objects around.

6. Remove or Add an Amplifier

Whether you should remove or add an amplifier depends on the distance you are from the transmitter tower. If you are close to the station, it is recommended to remove your amplifier (if you are using one now) because the amplifier usually causes the station to swamp out the weak ones, and that results a worse signal. If you are far from all the stations (over 20 miles), an amplifier would definitely help.

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