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5 Things Women Do That Men Find Attractive

As seemingly as it may seem, a skin-tight red dress and a pair of high heels and red lips always undeniably catch a man’s attention. However, apart from that physical appearance attraction, there lies more when it comes to making the attraction last, such as sticking to her boundaries and self-respect and being polite. It is no secret that guys get attracted by many things that women do, and what attracts a man varies from man to man. One might find a girl who likes being cute, innocent and sweet attractive, another might find a bossy and ambitious girl who runs her own business attractive. However, there are several common things girls do that will increase attraction men feel towards you. Are you ready to learn and apply this tips, and attract your Mr. Right?

1. Confidence

ConfidenceIt goes without saying that confidence is one of the sexiest traits that both men and women can have. Men usually find you sexy and attractive if the way you carry yourself around him and the way you talk to him is confident. Confidence is not only something that attracts the opposite sex, but also one of the most crucial factors that lead you to a happier life.

2. Your High Heels

High-HeelsHigh heels is a woman’s powerful weapon for attraction. It is a common sense that all women in high heels appear sexier and more attractive. High heels make your legs look longer and attractive, in addition to it, it makes the way you walk and move more attractive. So, girls, don’t forget to put on a pair of heels when you meet your crush.

3. Your Dance

OK, I am a girl but I have to admit that my biggest dream is I wish I knew how to dance! I find women who can dance well extremely attractive and charming. The way a dancer moves along the music is something magnetic to everyone. It is a visual enjoyment. Men usually become more attracted when they see a woman dancing and moving her body freely and enjoyable with the music. Your hip pop dance that you learnt from a hip pop class can not only be used in a club, but also sing along and show off your dance when you are in a car with your crush.

4. High Energy

Men get impressed by playful girls with high energy levels, and they like women who can lift them up when they feel down and lazy. No one like someone negative who brings them down. Being active and positive is something good in general in life, so men will definitely find it an attractive trait in women.

5. Intelligence

Like confidence, intelligence is one of the desired and sexiest traits in both women and men. Attraction is not only based on physical appearance, but mental connection can build real long lasting attraction that goes beyond appearance. We all find intelligent people charming and attractive, of course including men. So, gal, make sure you don’t stop learning and educating yourself if you want to attract quality men.



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