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4 Things You Should do before selling your car

We all have a time where we change our wheels. Most of people get rid of the current one when changing to new pair of wheels. Selling car is like selling a home in some ways—but not as big of a deal. There are a number of crucial things you can do to increase overall value. The platform to sell it on is also crucial. You can take your car to a car yard and park it there, or you can list it online. No matter how you are going to sell it, you must spread the news in your friend circle that you have a car for sale. One of your friend might be looking for a car, then it will save you from going through all the stress and worry if you can sell it. Here I have put together a list of things you can do when prepare your car for sale and increase the chance at getting the right outcome.

1. Give It a Clean

clean-carNo one wants to buy a car that is dirty and messy. A clean up inside out is a must do and the first thing to do before anything else. It may sound very basic and simple, but still so many people forgot to clean it and remove rubbish and personal items. A messy car gives an impression of being uncared for, and it is not possible to impress a potential buyer.

2. Get Car Detailing Serve

Your car will look nice and posh after getting a car detailing service. You will be able to present your car at its best. When a potential buyer see a clean and nice looking car, it will increase the chance of a negotiation. However, not every car is worth getting car detailing service. If it is a nice car, give it a car detailing service will increase its overall value a lot. If it is an old car with lots of wearing, you should compare the value it increases with the cost of the service. 

3. Do Some Minor Repairs

You should check if your car needs any minor repairs. Firstly, check your wheel tyres. It is actually something you should check on a regular basis while you were still using your car. Because uneven wheels do huge damage to the balance and suspension. For the outdoor and adventure suited type of cars, it might be worth investing in top quality tyres. These cars drive through terrains that are quite challenging and more damaging compared to normal everyday cars.

4. Take Quality Photos

carHuman beings are visual animals. Our brain gets stimulated by what we see. A picture is worth a thousand words. A quality photo says more! A quality photo can attract many eyes—potential buyers. Nowadays everybody has a smart phone with a fabulous camera, and there are all sorts of editing applications out there. All you need to do is to take your clean your car to a nice location with good lightings and take high quality clear photos. Finally, you are good to go. Good luck!



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