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3 Microsoft programs that are essential for your career

If there’s one thing that’s certain in the modern tech industry it’s that it is an ever-changing and rapidly developing market with seemingly endless different kinds and types of software coming out, some completely new ideas and some being reworks of existing programs and concepts. This is great for the industry as it portrays it as an exciting and highly dynamic field that is particularly appealing to investors. However it can become quite a problem for the rank and file workers who keep the other industries going. After all as times change so too do the processes and tools that we use to carry them out change as well, and for the sake of your career, whatever your job is there are some programs that you are just expected to understand and be able to use.

Microsoft is probably one of the biggest and well known providers of hardware and software in the world and it’s their products that you will find in most offices and as such they even have a line of programs called “Microsoft Office” that are built for everyday functions. So let’s take a look at some of the more important programs that Microsoft offers the rank and file worker and how they can help you perform your job.

Microsoft PowerPoint


Now if you were schooled within the past ten years you will have been aught something about the importance of PowerPoint presentations and professional slideshows in the modern business world. Essentially they are a broken down, easy to read and visually appealing outline to not only help your potential clients or coworkers understand what is being said to them, but also serves as a visual cues for you or another person to further explain and discuss  in more detail. This can be especially important for things like technical training for your coworkers or in sales pitches for a complicated and larger value deal in order to remain on track while you are explaining the difficult and long winded parts.

However crafting a great looking and professional slideshow is not exactly easy and without the proper knowledge of the tools used and how you can use the various features in them to portray your message. It can also be quite a creative process with a fine line needing to be struck between visually impressive and clever and overcrowded, distracting and tacky. Microsoft PowerPoint makes this extremely easy6 and is normally the go too tool in most offices for this purpose.


Now for everybody who hates math and works in an office environment, this word is probably the bane of your professional lives and seems like some kind of magic when people use it to the fullest of its capabilities. And while yes we do admit that it’s pretty numbers heavy, but with a little time, patience and effort to learn, it can also become something that you can use to make your life a whole lot easier. Essentially Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet maker and can be used not only to store, organize and easily calculate data with automatic cell formulas but too take that data and apply it in a number of useful and handy ways.

For example, if you are trying to do a company sales report and you want to make visual representation of your overall sales in a pie chart that is split up by area of distribution then you can. In some ways the possibilities are endless with some bright sparks even going as far as to create a self-sustaining game within a spreadsheet itself.

Microsoft Projects

Microsoft projects is one of their newer offerings in terms of software, it is a kind of program known as “Project Management system” and it helps those who are in charge of individual projects and tasks (be that a manager or dedicated Project Manager and it allows them to not only issue tasks against that project in order to remotely give clear instructions to employees to complete, but they can also track, share and collaborate on different projects and work that is happening in real time without even having to leave their desk, making these things far more time efficient.

However these kinds of programs are normally very complicated and even Microsoft’s offering needs to be properly taught and explained before you can use it, so its probably best that you look into some Microsoft Projects training courses in your local area.

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