Different kinds of signs for businesses

When opening a business there are so many things to consider. The staff, the store or office, how day to day operations are going to be run and the goals of the company in the future to name just a few. Something that can go with little consideration is the signage and branding that will be needed to make your mark on your customers and keep them secure in their minds. There are lots of different kind of signs offered by sign makers these days, with types varying by material, size application and location? So whats available? Let’s go through a few examples.

Punched Metal Signboard

Tough, resistant to weather and a staple of businesses looking for that vintage charm and handcrafted look these signs offer. And are fairly affordable, however the addition of colour and the increase of size can ramp up the costs.

Painted Glass Lettering and Logo

If your on a budget or are struggling to get permission to modify the building for your signage, you may want to consider this low cost solution. Clean and attractive but easy to install the drawback with this kind of sign some might argue is that the impact is diminished from street level and the suns glare can obscure the logo’s design rendering it less visible.

Glass Tube Light Signs

For those really looking to make a statement with their signage. These glowing and brightly coloured neon light tube signs are ubiquitous of nightclubs,  bars and restaurants. They offer unparallelled levels of visibility and customer engagement as they are very difficult to miss! They are an expensive option however as even the smallest kind of custom design will cost in the region of $1000 or more dependant on the complexity of the design and the size, They are also very expensive to fix and have to be made of special weather resistant materials in order to be placed outside. As well as being sightly garish and unsuitable for some kinds of business’s.

Awning signs.

A draw to potential customers caught in the rain in themselves, branded awning signs are durable, weather resistant, and providing shade and rain coverage to the front of your business, awnings are a great choice for cafes, hotels and restaurants and anything that has a reliance on their street level presence. While the signs themselves are not extraordinarily expensive do bear in mind that the real sting in the budget will be in terms of the installation costs associated with them. Not to mention at least a few days closed doors while the sign is being installed.

Closed doors

The kind of sign you pick will ultimately have to be a happy medium of longevity, cost, ease of installation and customer engagement. You will need to employ the services of a sign maker to do the printing work so it really makes sense to consult with them in regards to costs and be sure to ask them for their personal opinion n what would be the most suitable for you.


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