Why Spring is a Great Time for a Pool Renovation

Is your swimming pool looking a little drab at the moment? Perhaps it’s had a good life and seen plenty of usage over the years, but does that mean that it’s time to hang up the proverbial hat? Is it time for your pool to throw in the towel and fall into disrepair, only to never be used? Absolutely not! Instead, you should invest in a swimming pool renovation and bring it back to life, and there’s never a better time than right now, in Spring.

First of all, we’ll take you through why we think Spring is the perfect time for a pool renovation, then we’ll go through a few tell-tale signs that you definitely need one. So, if you tick off any of the boxes below, then contact your local pool renovations company and get yourself booked in immediately.

So, why is Spring the best time for a pool renovation?

Well, first and foremost: Spring is about re-birth! It’s when new leaves flourish on the trees and the birds & the bees are out in full force. It’s a beautiful and refreshing time of year when we know that summer is right around the corner! What better a time to give your pool a new lease of life so that you can have it BBQ-party ready in time for the summer? Do we need to give you any more reason than that? Let’s keep it simple and assume that we’re right.

Is your pool in need of a renovation?

1 – It’s stained and dirty

If you’re swimming pool is looking stained, dirty and discoloured, then it’s definitely time for you to invest in a renovation or resurfacing at the very least. These unsightly stains can come from the minerals, chemicals or other materials in the water such as leaves and natural debris.

2 – The material is coming off

Is your swimming pool starting to peel around the edges? Perhaps it feels like sandpaper whenever your swim and brush your hand along the wall. If that’s the case, then you need to have your swimming pool resurfaced!

Whilst there are many factors that can lead this problem, the outcome is very much the same. Such factors include:

  • Years of heavy use
  • Unbalanced pH levels
  • Sudden damage (caused by fooling around in the pool with props that shouldn’t be in there, i.e., a bicycle)

In any case, resurfacing the pool can have it restored to its former glory in no time.

3 – Your pool is leaking

Cracks in your swimming pool can lead to leaking, which will invariably affect your water levels—and of course struggling to maintain the correct water levels will only lead to one thing: higher water bills. It’s a nightmare that nobody should have to contend with. So, if you’re spotted cracks and chips in the lining of your swimming pool, then you know what to do!

4 – Because you want to update your pool!

Whether you really need to update your pool or not, if you want to update it and you’re ready for a new look, then there’s no time like the present. Call West Coast Pool Resurfacing, and book yourself in for a renovation. Treat your swimming pool to a little love and TLC and give it that wow factor that you’ve been waiting for. With Summer just around the corner, Spring is the perfect time to breath a new air of life into the pool!

The Dangers of Trenching & Excavating – Hire the Professionals

If you’re planning a construction project, then one of the most important aspects is going to be digging the initial trench for the building foundations. It’s a dangerous and difficult step that requires an experienced hand and the right experience. If you’re thinking about renting some equipment and going it alone, then you should definitely have a read of this article first. We’re going to list many of the hazards that can cause injury and damage to equipment. Provided that you are fully aware of the risks, then you can do what you want to do. However, after having read this, you may prefer to hire the professionals to come in and get the job done for you!

1 – Trenches can cave in quite easily

Without the proper protective systems in place, such as trenching and sloping, your ditch can quite easily cave in! And of course, the weather can certainly contribute towards this risk, like heavy rainfall for example. As such, it is important that you know how to dig a trench appropriately, put the relevant safety measures in place and be entirely aware of when it is safe to work.

2 – Flying debris is a common occurrence

Soil and stones might not sound too threatening, but if a large load is accidentally dropped on you, then you’re going to have a bad time. And of course, there is always the risk of having debris catch you in the eye as well. Don’t forget your eye protection!

3 – Tripping or falling into the excavation

It might sound unlikely to you, as you may well be sure-footed, but is everyone on your team? The fact is, accidents can happen, and, in that event, serious injury can occur.

4 – Flooding

Water can accumulate in a trench, causing it to flood. This can become a serious hazard.

5 – Contact with overhead powerlines / underground utilities

You must be aware of everything around you at all times—this means mapping out your surroundings and ensuring that you know of where absolutely every utility is. The last thing you need is to cut through an overhead power line, or to accidentally burst a water pipe.

6 – Slips & trips

Machinery gets wet and dirty and slips and trips can happen. As such, the proper maintenance is required to ensure that nobody gets hurt when handling or accessing heavy machinery.

7 – Being struck by heavy equipment

Heavy equipment can cause serious injury, particularly if it’s on the edge of your trench when it caves in. In addition to that, if you’re inexperienced with an excavator, it’s not uncommon for people to be accidentally struck over the head with a swinging bucket. Be careful!

Hire the professionals

You don’t have to suffer these hazards on your own! In fact, if you hire an established company like Webers Excavations, you won’t have to at all. They can come in and take care of absolutely everything on your behalf. An experienced excavation firm will have all of the equipment, experience, and insurances, to come in and do so safely and responsibly. It’s certainly worth thinking about!



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Why Buy Antique When You Can Have Great Value Reproduction Furniture That Looks the Part?  

For many people, collecting antiques is a hobby. It’s something that they thoroughly enjoy because you get to have a glimpse into the past. To see how people used to live years before us. Other simply love the magnificent styling and craftmanship back when the use of machinery and advanced tools was unheard of. However, most people like the look of antique furniture, but wouldn’t want to pay the full price! A great value reproduction Louis XVI dining set on the other hand, is a much more attractive prospect.

antique-funiture The fact is, not that many people know all that much about antiques, – it’s a very niche market. So, unless you’re an expert, of you regularly invite your antique enthusiast friends over for dinner, who is going to know the difference? Far too many people are obsessed with authenticity, when in actuality; a reproduction antique item is the more sensible choice.

Antiques furnitureFor example: an antique piece of furniture is going to be very expensive. In addition to that, if there is a particular piece or style that you are after, you’re going to have a hard time getting your hands on it. So, you’ll have to keep an eye out on the internet and regularly browse all manner of antique shops and flea-markets with the prospect of never finding an original piece in mint condition.

When you go for a great value reproduction Louis XVI dining set for example; you get the look, you get the feel, and you get even more quality (for a fraction of the price). Understand that reproduction antique furniture is built using modern methods and materials. This means that when you buy it, you can actually put it to use without worrying about causing it any damage. After all, some antique pieces are hundreds and hundreds of years old, so how practical would it be to use as a family dining set? You’d never be able to relax when entertaining guests! Certainly, they might compliment you on the look of it, but if somebody puts their glass down on the table with too much force you might have a heart attack.

If you are an antique enthusiast then by all means, buy the real thing. If you have more money than you know what to do with, then go for it, do what you like. However, if you don’t have mountains of money and you want to make a smart investment and save as much money as you can, then you must opt for antique reproduction furniture. A great value reproduction Louis XVI dining set might not be the real deal, but it will certainly look it. Again; unless you’re an expert, all you will see is an absolutely magnificent and regal looking set of furniture that you will be able to get a lifetime of enjoyment out of!

camping car

Eco-Friendly Tips for Camping: As if it Could Get Any Greener  

That’s right, you can’t really get much greener than camping. However, there are more eco-friendly ways to do it that’s for sure. Here’s one right off the bat: buy a recycled poly mat for camping. See? It’s easy when you know how. So, if you’re interested in going even greener with your next camping trip, then read on for some extra eco-friendly tips!

1 – Make your own meals and snacks

When camping, you should be mindful of the amount of food you waste. Make a meal plan for the week and take the supplies that you’re going to need. You can save money as well, by stocking up on some cheap ingredients and then enjoy a healthy camp-fire meal. Sure, it will require more effort on your part; but the flavour alone will be worth it.

camping2 – Go organic

Whilst we’re on the subject of cooking your own camp-fire meals and bringing your own ingredients; go organic whilst you’re at it. Traditional agricultural methods use herbicides and pesticides which are harmful for the environment. A little contradictory if you’re trying to enjoy nature whilst indulging on some non-organic food, don’t ya think?

3 – Borrow what you can and buy the rest used or recycled

You’d be surprised by how much camping equipment you’ll be able to borrow off friends. All you need to do is reach out on Facebook and we guarantee you’ll get a fairly good response. And whatever you can’t seem to get hold off, buy used. Or again, buy a recycled poly mat for camping. There are loads of reputable supplies which provide eco-friendly camping equipment. Do your research, shop around and you’ll be certain to find some awesome, affordable camping bits!

4 – Introduce a ‘clean-up competition’

When it comes to camping, you can pretty much make a game up out of anything! So, when you’re out and about with your friends, family and children; introduce a clean-up competition. (i.e., whoever collects the most trash by the end of the trail gets to choose which board game you play later etc) It’s a great way to create a little healthy competition amongst your fellow campers, and to encourage your children to take an interest in preserving their natural environment.

camping car5 – Opt for solar powered equipment where possible

There are plenty of eco-friendly, solar powered camping items on the market. Rather than having to worry about stocking up on batteries, you can allow your equipment to charge in the sun, whilst you enjoy a little sunbathing yourself. Two-birds, one stone and all that! (please don’t throw stones at any birds)

6 – Leave without a trace!

When it comes to packing up to leave, make sure that you leave without a trace. Don’t leave any garbage whatsoever. Don’t burn any of your trash either. Plastic bottles and aluminium cans will release a load of unnecessary pollutants. Try to reduce your overall impact and leave the space in the same condition that you left it in.

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